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6 Healthy Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy

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Posted by October 23, 2017

Employee wellness is always important to your company, no matter the season.

In hopes of avoiding the dreaded post-Halloween candy dump that typically happens in your workplace, help your staff brainstorm healthy Halloween treats that they can hand out at home. Here are six alternative Halloween treats to share with trick-or-treaters.

1. Organic Juice Boxes

Kids are thirsty creatures, and juice boxes travel well. They make for a smart treat to pass out to the children in your neighborhood. Plus, what child doesn’t love a juice box? For an extra special treat, stock up on different flavors and let the kids pick which one they want.

2. Craft Supplies

It’s no secret that children love crafts. Consider handing out treats such as stickers, stamps, mini-coloring books, markers or anything else that allows them some creative playtime. These items can usually be bought for cheap and in bulk. For those who like to pass out bags of treats instead of a handful of candy, craft supplies are the way to go.

3. Local Honey Sticks

It can be tough to detach from the sugary sweetness of candy completely. If your staff members are clinging to the notion that they must give out a sweet treat, honey sticks are a strong contender. Kids love them—and parents do, too.

4. Hot Cocoa Packets

Who wouldn’t love to return home from a night of roaming the neighborhood to a cup of warm apple cider or hot chocolate? Your staff can differentiate themselves from the other neighbors on the block by tucking warm-drink packets into the kids’ bags. For bonus points, glue googly eyes on the packets or dress them up like mummies with tissue paper.

5. Toothbrushes

Your employees may not win over the children on this one, but they will definitely get bonus points from the parents. Character toothbrushes may win a few children over, so be sure to pick some up that feature the latest Disney, Pixar or Nickelodeon stars.

6. Home-Cooked Goods

There are many other healthy Halloween treat ideas, such as zucchini muffins or homemade granola bars. However, it’s a good idea to suggest your staff hold off on these treats unless they’re throwing a party in their home. Some parents don’t allow their children to eat snacks that aren’t individually wrapped.

Now, maybe your break room won’t be filled with candy leftovers as soon as Halloween is over. With this many options, your employees can choose to hand out healthy Halloween treats instead!

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