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6 Online Resources for a Free Workout

  • Employees don't need expensive equipment or gym memberships to get in shape
  • Find free workout videos online or download exercise apps
  • Spread the word about free workout videos to improve your company's bottom line

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Posted by October 4, 2017

Free workout videos may be just what your employees need to take that first step toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether they’re bored with the same old exercise routine or don’t want to front money for expensive gym memberships or equipment, sedentary employees can hurt your company’s bottom line. Knowing where to find fun and free online workout videos (and sharing these with employees) can do wonders for disease prevention, save you money in employee health-care expenses, and create a more productive work environment.

1. Fitness Blender

If you’ve never heard of Fitness Blender, now’s the time to learn more about it and share. When using the site, your employees will have free online access to a variety of workouts—including Pilates, upper or lower-body strength training, kickboxing and high-intensity interval training. Fitness Blender can meet the needs of virtually all employees, allowing them to mix and match shorter workouts for customized sessions. Employees can track workouts, find encouragement or support from online community members, save favorite workouts videos, and choose from more than 500 different workouts.

2. Nike + Training Club App

When using the Nike + Training Club app, many employees will be pleasantly surprised. The app provides more than 150 free workouts in areas of endurance, strength, yoga and mobility. And with personalized free workout plans, employees can find their perfect match whether they’re seasoned athletes or just getting started. Workouts are inspired by athletes including multiple Grand Slam-winning tennis player Serena Williams and retired Olympic decathlete Ashton Eaton. Expensive equipment isn’t required (though workouts requiring equipment is an option) because body weight is all employees need to get started. And they can track physical activity when using the app, to make sure they’re meeting health and fitness goals.

3. Home Workouts – Fit Challenge

Another free app for employees requiring no equipment is called Home Workouts – Fit Challenge, created by Workout Center. When using this exercise app, participants stay motivated with rewards and fun achievements while completing high-intensity circuit training workouts. Users can choose from more than 100 exercises—such as butt, chest, leg or ab-specific workouts. Employees can also track progress, determine body fat percentage and strength, and receive nutrition advice.


Are your employees looking for a site that offers more than 250 different workouts that burn fat quickly? If so, spread the word about When using this free site, employees have access to a wide variety of fat-burning exercises—including new workouts added in regularly. From beginners to workout gurus, this free exercise site has something to meet most employees’ needs whether it be muscle-specific workouts, cardiovascular exercises, weight training workouts with dumbbells, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

5. YouTube (BeFit and eFit30) Videos

YouTube also offers a variety of free online exercise videos for employees. Encourage employees to try eFit30 when they’re in the mood for Pilates, yoga or other total-body workouts they can do anywhere, any time of day for lengths ranging from 15–45 minutes. They’ll receive new free videos each month. BeFit is another YouTube workout resource that’s free and offers a variety of fat-burning, sculpting workouts (such as strength training, cardio, dancing, Pilates, circuit training, HIIT and muscle-specific workouts) provided by different instructors—even some celebrities.

6. Spark People TV

If employees are seeking a site offering a constant supply of different workouts allowing them to search hundreds of exercises based on individualized preference, Spark People TV may be a good match. Employees can choose from dance, Pilates, upper-body workouts, lower-body workouts, full-body training, interval training or yoga. They can even search exercises based on experience level, length and the type of trainer they prefer. Spark People TV also provides free workouts for people with limited mobility, or who have to work out while sitting down.

If employees are tight on time, don’t have extra money for gym memberships, or simply need structure to stay motivated, free workout videos can get them on the right track. Use an email blast, workplace newsletter or fliers to get the word out about the best, free, fat-burning workouts to encourage employees to stay healthy.

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