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8 Health and Wellness Apps for Employees

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Posted by July 7, 2017

Having trouble encouraging employees to exercise, eat right and stay healthy? These health and wellness apps may be just what you need to improve employee health, lower health care (and absenteeism) costs and boost workplace productivity. That’s why getting the word out about wellness apps benefits your bottom line.

1. MyFitnessPal

Employees can track calorie intake and improve dietary habits using the top-rated MyFitnessPal app. It allows employees to track what they eat using a database of more than five million foods (including restaurant foods), and analyze ingredients in recipes to produce breakdowns of carbs, fat and protein. Plus, MyFitnessPal figures out daily calorie goals based on whether you want to maintain, gain or lose weight over a specified time period. It’s the perfect calorie-tracking tool for employees who want to boost diet quality or shed pounds.

2. Elevate

Working out your brain is just as important as physical exercise. Employees can brush up on mental alertness using Elevate, a wellness app focusing on brain health. Employees who use the app have access to activities designed to improve overall cognition, focus, pronunciation, name recall, productivity, math, speaking skills, reading, memory, writing, processing speed and other brain-strengthening workouts. Employees won’t be bored when using this brain-training app because of its entertaining game-like format.

3. My Diet Coach

Employees having a difficult time shedding pounds will appreciate knowing about the My Diet Coach weight loss app. The program offers a variety of features that boost your chance of weight-loss success —including a visual weight tracker (animated figure of your body based on individualized measurements), opportunities to track diet and exercise and weight-loss tips and tricks. You can even track calories from your favorite recipes when using My Diet Coach.

4. Sworkit

Looking for fun ways to get employees motivated to boost physical activity? Sworkit (short for “simply work it”) offers app users the ability to do just that! Choose from a variety of customized workouts ranging in duration from five to 60 minutes, depending on how much time you have available. Pick yoga, stretching, strength training or cardiovascular workout sessions with guided voice cues and videos from the comfort of your home. Want your own personal trainer? For an extra $5 a month, you can have it!

5. Meditation Studio

Do you have employees who desperately need to de-stress? Meditation Studio app offers that opportunity, with over 250 guided mediation exercises taught by more than 30 experts. The app lets customers schedule meditation sessions to stay on track, get stress relief, break bad habits, lower depression, boost confidence and sleep better—which can do wonders for workplace productivity and your company’s bottom line.

6. SleepBot

Many adults fail to get recommended amounts of sleep (seven to nine hours nightly), which can drastically lower job productivity. Using the SleepBot app is an excellent way for employees to track hours of sleep, determine how long it takes to fall asleep and establish causes of interrupted sleep. The smart alarm from the app rings when it’s time to wake up (based on when you’ve reached a light sleep cycle).

7. Pact

What better way to motivate employees to improve health than by earning money for healthy lifestyle changes. Pact is an app that puts money on the line, by offering financial incentives (or losses) for health and wellness behaviors. Employees pay to play, so to speak, by earning money for working out and eating healthier—but pay other Pact members when they fail to reach goals. This app is perfect for employees motivated by money.

8. iBP Blood Pressure

If you have employees at risk for heart disease, iBP Blood Pressure is just what they need to stay on track with healthy lifestyle goals. The app allows users to track blood pressure, pulse and body weight—and measure results in chart and graph formats. Patients with diabetes have an option to track blood glucose levels as well, to help keep heart-disease risks low.

Getting the Word Out

Get the word out about these health and wellness apps by using company-wide emails, flyers, posters or simply word-of-mouth to encourage employees to sign up. Try offering lower health care premiums to employees who participate, and successfully reach health and wellness goals.

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