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An Employee Review Template: Maximizing Employee Performance

  • Choosing the right employee review template is key to successful performance reviews
  • Set attainable goals for employees (or have them set their own)
  • Incentivize employees for meeting quarterly (or annual) performance objectives
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Posted by September 4, 2017

Having the right employee review template helps maximize the review process, making it go more smoothly and efficiently. Share your review template with employees to help them set attainable goals, and incentivize them to improve workplace performance.

Why Are Review Templates Important?

It’s important to measure employee performance formally, in writing. That way, you can go over what’s expected of employees before they begin their jobs, and track quantity and quality of work based on outcomes measured in your template. Reviews are necessary to help employees know if their work is up to par, and to determine if they should be paid more, the same, or even let go based on what they bring to the table and how much they’re contributing to your company’s bottom line.

Keys to Employee Review Success

Determine how often you’d like to complete employee reviews. A few options include quarterly reviews, bi-annual reviews and annual reviews. Meet in a private setting with employees to go over their strengths, and areas where performance standards aren’t being met. Finally, work with employees to set attainable goals for the next review process. Offer incentives—such as bonuses, a commission structure for sales, annual raises, paid time off or work-from-home options—for meeting workplace objectives.

Sample Employee Review Template

Try the employee review template below, or use it as a sample when creating customized performance evaluation forms of your own.


Employee Name _______________________________ Evaluation Date _______________________

Position/Department ___________________________ Review Period ________________________

Reviewer _____________________________________

Instructions: Evaluate the employee named above on specific performance objectives (below). Rate each objective by checking the appropriate box.
Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Needs Improvement
Job Knowledge
Quantity of Work

(volume, sales #s, etc.)

Quality of Work
Technical Skills
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Relationships
Goal #1:

Goal #2:

Goal #3:


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