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Brand Development Strategy: How to Market Your Business Like Elon Musk

  • When it comes to generating excitement about a brand, there's really no one better than Elon Musk

  • To market your business like Musk, create a big-picture vision and share it with everyone

  • Market on social media rather than through traditional advertising and make it easy to buy your product

Posted by April 19, 2018

When creating a brand development strategy, it’s always a good idea to look to the “best of the best” for examples you can follow. And when it comes to generating excitement about a brand, there’s really no one better than Elon Musk.

Musk is a marketing master who’s created unmatched buzz and excitement for Tesla and SpaceX. He even got people to buy flamethrowers for his new Boring company. Here are a few tips you can borrow from Musk and put into practice in your own business.

Share Your Vision for the Big Picture

Some businesses focus on smaller tasks first, hoping to reach reasonable goals and build momentum until they can finally get the credibility to share a big-picture vision. But Elon Musk tends to start with a big, world-changing vision that’s both inspiring and daunting. For example, he wasn’t afraid to share that his ultimate goal for SpaceX is to get people to Mars.

Do you have a big-picture vision that your company is working toward? Don’t be afraid to share that vision with fellow employees and clients.

Look for the Unmet Need, Even If It’s Not Obvious

When developing efficient electric cars, you might think that the focus would be on the cars themselves. But, as noted by Inc. Magazine, Musk focused on making Tesla a battery company first and a car manufacturer second. This was a big weakness that his competitors hadn’t overcome yet, so he focused on becoming the strongest in the business for an unmet need.

Is there a particular need that your competitors are not meeting, but customers want? Consider making that your marketing focus, even if it’s not intuitive.

Don’t Let Acts of Charity Take a Back Seat

Much of what Musk does is focused on helping make the world a better place. SpaceX wants to help humanity colonize Mars. Tesla is helping Puerto Rico’s power grid and Australia’s energy crisis.

Look at how your company’s core business can help people in need, and then get involved with related charities. Let that be a focus, not just a side project—and don’t be afraid to talk about it on social media or to the press.

Market Through Social Media and Niche Audiences

Elon Musk doesn’t focus on traditional, paid advertising. Instead, he focuses on generating word-of-mouth excitement and sharing big announcements on social media. Brainstorm things that your business can do to improve its social media presence outside of traditional paid advertising.

Is there a platform you haven’t tried yet? You might even consider looking at alternative social platforms, like Steemit instead of Reddit or MeWe instead of Facebook. On alternative platforms, there are fewer voices but a growing, niche audience. In fact, Musk attracted huge attention to his flamethrowers by marketing to a small niche market of zombie enthusiasts.

Make It Easy to Learn About (and Buy) Your Product

Tesla cars can be purchased online, even if there aren’t any dealerships near you. From the beginning, test-driving a car was simple. Thanks to the internet, it was easy to find information about the cars and learn all the specs and details.

Musk frequently shares detailed specs about his innovations. Consider doing the same for your business. Make it easy for someone to be a customer without needing to attend a lengthy meeting or sales pitch. Be transparent about how your product or service works, and encourage reviews.

To be successful in marketing, you don’t necessarily need a big advertising budget. In fact, Elon Musk has a huge following for Tesla and SpaceX without relying on traditional advertising. By following some of his tactics, you can create a brand development strategy that excels in today’s social-media-driven age.

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