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Building Company Pride: Make Your Office a Great Place to Work

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Posted by January 24, 2017

When your team has strong company pride, it increases unity and makes for a better working environment. People who are proud of their place of work are likely to recommend their friends to work there and to do business with that firm. How do you build company pride?

It Starts at the Top, but Not in the Way You Think

If the boss is always talking about how great his company is, it can be off-putting. On the other hand, if the boss is always demonstrating how great his company is, the staff will follow his lead.

People want to see goodness at the top. When the boss is generous with an employee whose child is ill, or comes to the receptionist’s grandmother’s funeral bearing flowers and granting a week paid time off, people think, “Wow, this is a great place to work.” So, bosses, be nice.

Do Good Work

People can get behind a job well done. When the company does quality work that helps clients succeed and does so in a positive way, people feel great about their job, their work and their company. Pride in work translates to pride in the company.

If the work done is shoddy, or employees feel they are treating their customers poorly, they won’t be proud of the work done. Instead, they’ll be ashamed of their work and their company.

Do Good for the Community

Sponsor a little league team. Have a big program for Bring Your Child to Work Day. Sponsor an employee who does a run for a cancer fundraiser. Mentor people from the local college. All of these things are easy enough for any small business to do, and it really gives employees a boost. One caution, though—don’t force the boss’s beliefs on everything. Participating in a fundraiser for the boss’s political beliefs won’t engender pride. Don’t pick divisive causes. Stick with things that all can agree with. Also, never force participation in a charity event.

Treat Employees Right

Hire and promote fairly. Get rid of the bullies and slackers. Give raises when they are deserved. Be honest with employees. All these things have a huge impact on what your employees think of the company.

Overall, building company pride comes not from buying t-shirts with the company logo on them (although that’s certainly fine), but from making your office a great place to work.

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