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Free Small-Business Online Marketing Tools Made Easy

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Posted by May 1, 2017

Online marketing can be complex for those unfamiliar with the many abbreviated, foreign terms and advanced skills used within the marketing world. Don’t panic; small-business online marketing tools are here to help. As a small-business owner, you can utilize online tools without a degree in marketing. Want to know the best part? You can enhance your small business using these free digitally focused tools. No marketing experience needed.


Not sure how to get your business’s name out there? Does social media look like a monster under your bed? Hootsuite may be able to help. This nifty tool allows you to write and share social media posts on just one website. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are just a few social media websites that this tool allows you to share pictures, schedule posts in advance and send social media posts to your business’s social channels. This tool will help you save time and avoid the confusion of handling multiple social media pages by managing them all in one location.

Facebook Audience Insights

You can see the progress you have made with your Facebook posts right on your business’s Facebook page. Countless options are available to you from viewing your most successful individual posts, the sex and age of your viewers and the overall interaction your customers have with your business’s Facebook page. This information can help you better discover who is interested in your business.

Google My Business

Take advantage of the most popular search engine by creating a free profile to connect with your customers. By creating an account, your business’s website will be more likely to appear when people search for terms similar to your own business. You can post your business hours, location, pricing, pictures, events and more. This will help increase your business’s online presences.

Google Analytics

If you’re investing time and money to boost your online presence, it’s important to see if your hard work has paid off. Google Analytics allows you to view where your audience is accessing your website. With a variety of tools and free tutorials, Google Analytics is an easy-to-use, powerful marketing tool that can help you plan and better understand where your traffic is coming from. Seeing where people hear about your business will let you see what online outreach is or is not working.

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

Online marketing can be overwhelming. Hubspot’s free Marketing Grader tool can take away your stress by providing performance information on your blog, social media and other digital efforts. This tool will provide you with a score that you can use to see how you stack up to your competition. You can also use it to learn more about your customers’ interests.


Writing creatively or informatively about your business can bring awareness and an online presence to your business. Blogging is a popular, beneficial way to spread your business’s message and goals. WordPress is a web-hosting service that allows you to create and manage a stunning blog for your business. You can write and publish blog articles at whatever cadence you desire on fun topics like giving other small-business owners advice, community outreach that your business is involved with, the value of what kind of business you own and so on.


Want to learn more about marketing or have questions on other business concepts? SCORE is a nonprofit national business association that offers free online webinars, education and in-person mentorships with developed volunteer entrepreneurs that can be found near you. No judgment, just answers without the stress or worry of not knowing certain business concepts outside of your comfort zone.


Graphic design and visuals can heighten your business goals and Canva can help you make stunning visual promotions at no cost. Select templates that allow you to type in your own personalized information. You can make fliers for events, create a profile picture and banner for your business’s social media pages, add text to your photos to share on your blog, and more. Spicing up your use of online visuals will draw attention to your business.


You don’t need to hire a graphic designer to make an infographic. Piktochart allows you to make your own quality infographics through templates and easy-to-use tools to visually communicate your business’s information. Share multiple pictures to convey one message through eye-catching visuals and text.


Email is a crucial part of communicating with your customers. MailChimp allows you to send bulk newsletters to your consumers. You can send updates on your business, events you are holding and so on from one source instead of trying to sort through a cluttered email inbox. Plus, you can easily view how many people are opening your emails and the interaction your customers have with your messages. Display your material through templates to add style to your emails.


Avoid taking your own photos or get around copyright issues by using Unsplash. Choose from thousands of free, high-resolution, non-restricted photos with Splash. New photos are added daily, leaving you with endless pictures to download. Pictures are great for sharing on your business’s social media pages, blog and for fliers.

Portent’s Title Generator

Brainstorming shareable title ideas for a blog article, event or picture caption can be tough, but this tool will generate title ideas for you. Whether you can’t think of a creative title, need help enhancing one you’ve created or need ideas on what will have people interested in reading your article, Portent’s Title Generator can get your creative juices flowing.


Understanding your competitors’ online strengths and weaknesses can help you have the upper hand. LinkDiagnosis allows you to review your competition’s website links, providing you with insight on what other local businesses are doing to have a virtual presence.

Reap the benefits of small-business online marketing tools without having to feel confused. Keep more money in your wallet and increase your digital interaction with your customers. You don’t have to be a top-rate marketer to heighten your business online; you only need an open mind and a little help from these tools.

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