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Health and Dental Benefit Perks Employees May Not Know About

  • Many health insurance programs offer substantial reimbursement for gym memberships

  • Employees tend to quit jobs that don't offer generous benefits and perks

  • Nearly every health insurance and dental insurance plan gives employees access to free tools and resources

Posted by June 3, 2019

Finding it difficult to get employees excited about your group benefits? It might be time to educate them about the benefit perks that are secretly included in many health and dental plans.

It’s important to offer competitive benefits and compensation to employees, not only as a recruitment tool but to also boost retention rates. According to the Work Institute’s 2018 Retention Report, nearly 10% of all employees quit their jobs due to poor benefits and compensation. This number may not seem like much, but if you consider that this drop-off is largely preventable, the more perceived value that employers can create around benefit perks the better.

Hidden Benefits and Perks for Your Employees

Right now, there are hidden perks and bonuses in your employer-sponsored plans. They are often forgotten or overlooked by employees—unless you take the time to remind them. It’s a good idea to connect with each plan administrator and get a complete listing of the perks that your plans offer. Here’s a rundown of the most common hidden benefits your plans may include.

Wellness Extras

Because most plans are focused on preventative care, nearly every health insurance and dental insurance plan offers additional wellness benefits. Chances are, your employees can get many free things, such as:

  • Screenings for diseases and routine blood levels

  • Nutritional counseling and weight loss support

  • Fitness center and health services discounts

  • Generous cash reimbursements for gym memberships, sometimes up to $240 a year

  • Discounts on shopping for health-related needs, such as vitamins, equipment, etc.

Healthy Smiles

Most dental insurance helps employees maintain bright, beautiful smiles and healthy teeth. And there are benefit perks, too. Your plan could include:

  • A free annual set of X-rays to spot bone loss

  • Free toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste

  • Literature and education on proper dental hygiene

Kick the Habit

Health and dental insurance plans are not only focused on helping people prevent diseases, but they also provide access to hidden benefits that can help members kick their unhealthy habits. For example, many plans offer access to:

  • Smoking cessation counseling and medication

  • Substance abuse counseling and rehabilitation

  • Support groups and 24/7 nurse hotlines

  • Stress reduction and mental health support

Family Planning Perks

Many health insurance plans also offer access to free or low-cost family planning services for employees who want to control when they become parents. These perks also extend to:

  • Free contraception (females and males)

  • Annual Pap tests and cancer screening

  • Sexual wellness counseling and education

  • Screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases

  • Pregnancy education and breastfeeding support

  • Screenings and counseling for pregnant couples

Health Coaching

Health insurance programs also provide health coaching and other related perks that can help plan members reach important health goals. Some of the secret benefit perks may include:

  • Access to a toll-free 24/7 nurse hotline

  • Behavioral assessments for children

  • Type 2 diabetes counseling and supplies

  • Nutritional and dietary counseling

  • Fitness and health private coaching sessions

Educating Employees About Additional Benefits

Surprised at the number of free or low-cost perks that your benefit plans offer? Your employees will be too—once you educate them.

A great way to inform (or remind) your employees is to provide a list of the extras that they’re entitled to once they become plan members. This list should include tips on how and where to get these services and freebies in the form of a phone number or a website. Be sure to include the dollar value of each of these perks in your list, which can help employees realize they are getting more than just the basic high-deductible health care plan.

It’s also effective to invite a member of the health or dental insurance plan provider to come and speak to your employees. Schedule a lunch and learn where employees can find out what extra benefits they may be missing out on. This can get employees motivated to make positive changes and take more responsibility for their health—which is a win-win for everyone.

Searching for tools and resources that can help your fellow employees manage their dental benefits and discover new perks? Check out the Employer Toolkit on United Concordia Dental’s website.

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