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Hosting an Office Halloween Party for the Entire Family

  • You can help improve employee morale and encourage work-life balance by hosting an office Halloween party

  • Make the event family-friendly by coordinating in-office trick-or-treating and a planning few fun games

  • To help drum up excitement, advertise the prizes that will be given to costume and cubicle decorating contest winners

Posted by October 8, 2018

As autumn kicks into high gear, what better way to engage the whole office than by celebrating everyone’s favorite costume- and candy-filled holiday? Hosting an office Halloween party for your fellow employees and their families can be an exciting way to show your appreciation, keep morale high and promote work-life balance.

A few simple tricks can help ensure the party is a real treat. Here are six tips for ensuring everything runs smoothly (and safely) this Halloween season.

1. Include the Entire Family

Halloween is a favorite pastime for kids, so it makes sense to commemorate this spooky holiday by including employees’ children in the festivities! It’s a good idea to hold your office Halloween party after school hours—or over a weekend—so family members can join in on the fun. When sending out invites, make it clear that all are invited to attend.

2. Offer Trick-or-Treating for Kids

Allowing your colleagues’ kids to do some in-office trick-or-treating can help make the event fun and memorable. While candy is a staple of the holiday, encourage some employees to distribute healthy snacks, toys, games, sugarless gum or toothbrushes in kids’ Halloween bags. The children can make their way from desk to desk, gathering goodies and meeting their parent’s coworkers. If your office space is small, consider a “trunk or treat” theme in your company’s parking lot instead.

3. Add a Costume Day to the Calendar

Depending on your industry and office atmosphere, you can set aside a Halloween costume day to give employees (and their kids) something to look forward to. Better yet, consider creating a costume contest and encouraging your colleagues to vote on the spookiest, funniest and most creative ones. To drum up excitement, offer prizes like gift certificates, work-from-home days, or paid time off. Just remember, when it comes to dressing up at work, sensitivity, culture and industry matter.

4. Have a Cubical Decorating Contest

Even employees who don’t don costumes can get in on the action if you coordinate a Halloween-themed cubical decorating contest at your company! As with costume contests, ask team members to vote on their favorites, and provide prizes for the most popular cubicles. You can encourage coworkers to have their families help decorate with spider webs and other Halloween props prior to the in-office trick-or-treating event.

5. Encourage Healthy, Festive Treats

Halloween doesn’t have to include unhealthy treats that can lead to cavities and other issues. For a fun twist, offer employees and their families the opportunity to trade in Halloween candy for things like toys, gift cards, early release days or work-from-home days. And during the party, drive home the importance of healthy choices by offering natural, unprocessed snacks and refreshments instead of sugary treats.

6. Offer Fun Halloween Games

Whether the Halloween games you offer are for employees only or the entire family, choose festive activities that create lasting memories. Examples of Halloween-themed games include candy corn relay races, creepy Halloween feels boxes, pin the stem on the pumpkin, a “how many candies” guessing game, pumpkin hunts, Halloween bingo, scavenger hunts and Halloween coloring contests.

Including entire families—especially kids—in office Halloween festivities is an excellent way for employees to have fun, maintain work-life balance and bond with colleagues. An enjoyable, pleasant working environment improves job satisfaction and decreases turnover. So make this year’s Halloween celebration the best one yet!

Looking for other ways to effectively engage and support your employees? Take a moment to explore United Concordia Dental’s Employer Toolkit.

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