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How to Launch a Brand Ambassador Program

  • An overwhelming majority of job candidates seek out at least one resource to evaluate an employer's brand

  • Brand ambassadors are regarded as thought leaders and those most passionate about your brand

  • A brand ambassador program can act as an extension of your promotional and sales efforts

Posted by August 15, 2018

In this day and age of transparency, individuals can evaluate any organization based on employee and customer reviews.

Therefore, it’s important for your company to put its best foot forward. A brand ambassador program is an effective and authentic way to promote your business while retaining and attracting the best talent.

According to the 2017 CareerArc Employer Branding Survey, “91 percent of candidates seek out at least one online or offline resource to evaluate an employer’s brand before applying for a job.” The study also found that the lower the rating a company gets on a review site, the less likely candidates will be to apply there.

How to Enhance Your Company’s Brand

If you are focused on building an organization that puts employees first, a strong brand includes room for employees to express themselves. The brand ambassador program you create for your company can help improve its reputation and ability to maintain a strong workforce. The following three tips will help you get started.

1. Implement a System for Listening to Employees (and Take Their Input Seriously)

Workers feel valued when they are given a voice. It’s a good idea to actively seek out the natural thought leaders and experts within your team. Allow them a safe space in which to vent, make suggestions and work out problems that impact their daily experience. A dedicated email address with a responsive recipient can be a simple solution.

Once you’ve gathered feedback, demonstrate that the organization is taking steps to address concerns. This will reaffirm that the company is dedicated to enhancing conditions and truly values employees.

2. Change Your Management Philosophy

It’s important to avoid ordering employees around or using fear tactics to coach them to success. All managers should receive professional development training that helps them become better at leading others. Mid-level employees and team members who are advancing in their own careers can also mentor others—helping them meet organizational goals.

3. Identify Your Most Social Employees

Chances are you have a few employees who are already highly active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Encourage these employees to keep doing what they are doing, but on a wider scale.

Consider giving them permission to share what’s happening at the business, and have them use company-branded hashtags to promote the organization. Use their ability to influence others and reel in the right people for your company.

Benefits of Transforming Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Investing in an employee brand ambassador program is a smart move for any employer. Natalie Cagle, a marketing director who contributes to The Muse, says brand ambassadors can “help solidify your brand voice to the general public.” These individuals can become a rich source of content marketing support and will be able to provide feedback on what the company is producing.

Employees who are passionate about the organization and what it offers can boost sales revenues simply by word of mouth and social sharing. By creating greater awareness about the company, more people will have eyes on what’s happening—which spurs innovation and action. Not all sales teams can be everywhere at once, so brand ambassadors can be looked at as an extension of this function.

Brand ambassadors can also share their experiences with candidates who may be considering coming aboard. Have your best ambassadors present at career fairs and during other recruitment events. What they have to say is often received in a more positive way than what’s outlined on the website’s career page.

For many organizations, brand ambassadors are just a demonstration of the supportive and caring corporate culture. When an employee speaks highly of the brand, it sends a positive message to customers and candidates that the company offers something unique and is worth checking out.

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