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Millennials in the Workplace: Recruiting Tips to Highlight Employee Benefits

  • 53 percent of HR professionals say they have noticed an increase in millennial job-seekers asking specifically about benefits

  • The millennial population will surpass the number of baby boomers (and all other generations) by 2019

  • During recruitment and open enrollment periods, it's important to market benefits with millennials' preferences in mind

Posted by October 7, 2018

It’s no secret that the increasing presence of millennials in the workplace is impacting the way that organizations conduct recruitment marketing. This is a generation that values personal health and work-life balance like no other before.

According to Pentegra’s 2018 Millennial Benefit Trends Report, 53 percent of HR respondents said that they have noticed an increase in millennial job-seekers asking specifically about benefits. So, how should you highlight your company’s benefits package to appeal to millennial job seekers?

Reacting to The Millennial Effect

Millennials in the workplace have reached astronomical numbers, influencing everything from social media policies to working arrangements. According to Pew Research, the millennial population is expected to surpass the number of baby boomers by 2019.

Therefore, now is a good time for all human resource departments to start focusing on boosting employee benefit offerings so they include the types of benefits that millennials want (and need). Showcasing these benefits during the interview process—in a way that the applicants understand—can help get them excited about landing a job at your organization.

Customizing the Benefits Package for Millennials in the Workplace

While you will still have a variety of applicants who come from other demographics, the majority will likely be millennials. So, when designing your employee benefits package, keep this fact in mind. The aforementioned Pentegra report indicates that millennials prefer benefits such as the ability to work from home, flexibility of work schedules and on-the-job training for faster promotion.

Health insurance is less important to millennials, but benefits like dental insurance and corporate wellness programs are likely to appeal to them. Further, millennials are quite savvy when it comes to their financial futures, and they are careful with their money in general, so a generous retirement savings plan is a must.

Highlighting Benefits for Millennials

During recruitment and open enrollment periods, it’s important to market benefits with millennials’ preferences in mind. Creating an easy-to-understand benefits website allows candidates and current employees to browse for benefits on their own.

Each benefit type included in your package should outline details of the plan costs, what’s covered and any special perks that are included (for example, a discounted gym membership awarded for signing up for medical insurance). Since new hires may still be establishing themselves in a new area, a directory of providers for medical, dental, and other wellness care could be very helpful.

Promoting Benefits by Focusing on Health Concerns

Getting millennials excited about accepting a job offer because your company provides access to dental care should be your goal, and your efforts should be supported by a strong marketing program that includes wellness educational components. Using research data from the American Dental Association (ADA), it’s easy to talk with millennials about the long-term importance of a healthy smile in terms of their career and life. For instance, one in three young adults aged 18–34 report that they are reluctant to smile due to concerns around tooth pain and the poor condition of their teeth. Additionally, nearly 20 percent of young adults say they have cut back on socializing as a result of embarrassing dental problems. With access to affordable dental insurance, millennials can enjoy newfound confidence.

Providing a benefits brochure during the interview process that highlights all the benefits offered—including dental insurance—can be a good way to encourage millennial candidates to consider a job with your organization. Be willing and ready to answer questions and encourage applicants to observe all the healthy (and happy) employees who already work for your organization. Hopefully, they will see the investment that is being made in the health and well-being of your workforce and want to join.

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