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Should You Have Portable Fitness Machines in Your Office?

  • Any active approach toward encouraging fitness can positively impact your employees' overall wellness
  • Sitting less and walking more are some benefits of providing fitness options in the workplace
  • Consider affordable options like yoga ball chairs, or more costly options like treadmill desks
Posted by February 9, 2018

Staying healthy and fit is a concern for many individuals. However, balancing exercise and work obligations can be difficult.

As a result, an increasing number of portable fitness machines are appearing in the workplace. This way, employees don’t have to worry about hitting the gym in between meetings and project deadlines. But do these machines actually improve workers’ fitness? And are they really worth the investment?

What Fitness Options Exist for the Workplace?

Working out in the office might sound revolutionary, but it’s becoming increasingly commonplace. Incorporating fitness into the office is possible no matter how small or large your budget. For example, you could provide yoga ball chairs for each desk, which can help enhance employees’ balance and posture. You could also raise cubicle desks with standing desk accessories that help reduce the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time. These options are more affordable and require only minor adjustments.

If you’re looking to invest more in office fitness options, adding one elliptical per cubicle is ideal. Other great options include FitDesk, a stationary bike with a desk; the Cubii, a small pedal machine that can fit under a desk; or a Treadmill Desk that makes getting in steps easy. Whether you want to spend a lot of money or as little as possible on fitness in the office, you have a variety of options.

How Effective Are Portable Fitness Machines?

So, does this office fitness trend actually have health benefits? Any movement toward a healthier, more active lifestyle is always a step in the right direction.

As mentioned, sitting for eight hours a day while slumping in a chair and staring at a screen is not practical. In fact, according to the Scientific American, “Researchers have found that sitting for more than half the day, approximately, doubles the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems.”

Walking more, standing more and being more conscious of your level of activity will increase your overall fitness and health. Therefore, providing desk treadmills or standing desks can positively contribute to your employees’ wellness—and decrease their chances of developing certain diseases.

How Can You Encourage Office Fitness Routines?

As with any new initiative, encouragement must occur in order for the program to be successful. You should first meet with your employees and ask what kinds of fitness equipment they would like added to the office.

After surveying what works best for your office culture, you should provide training on how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Hiring a fitness professional to work with each employee individually and help them meet specific goals is one route. Another idea is sharing online tutorial videos that explain how to use the products you decide to purchase.

Portable fitness machines are useful for employees struggling to balance exercise and work. If you do invest in fitness machines for the office, ensure that you provide support and encouragement for your workers.

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