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Social Media Recruitment: 5 Tools and Tips to Find Your Next Employee

  • Over 14 million people are using social media to find their next job
  • Social media recruitment allows you to connect to a much wider audience, and often for less money than traditional ads
  • Messenger bots, targeted advertisements and scheduling tools can help ensure a smooth hiring experience

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Posted by September 14, 2017

With 1.32 billion active users on Facebook and more than 500 million users on LinkedIn, companies are flocking to social networks looking for ideal candidates to fill open positions. Using social media recruitment as a tool allows your available positions to be more visible to a broader audience. With over 14 million people estimated to be using social media to find a new job, there’s a good chance your next hire is already actively searching.

And, let’s not forget about the cost benefits. While there may be some costs incurred, posting on your social sites will often be much cheaper than hiring a recruiter or listing your position in newspapers and on online job boards. Social media recruitment helps small businesses reach potential candidates however it best suits their budgets.

People are consuming content all day long, so why not put your company front and center? Here are 5 social media recruitment tools and tips to help you find the perfect employee.

1. Optimized Social Media Accounts

You can’t utilize social media as a recruiting tool if your accounts don’t portray your organization as the perfect place to work. That means regular, consistent posting, and highlighting your small business as a trustworthy employer. It also means publishing interesting and relevant content. You can’t simply spam your audience with job posting after job posting. You need to build a community and earn the trust of people checking you out as a potential employer. Share how-to blog posts, industry news and ask interesting questions so your audience engages with you. Also, don’t forget to feature happy, current employees.

2. Employee Referrals

Does your staff love working for you? Great! They’re one of the best social media recruitment tools you have. When it’s time to hire, ask your staff for help. Send them links to the job posting, and request they share via their personal networks. The more people that see your listing, the better chance of finding the right fit for your company. Consider offering a referral bonus to any employee who successfully helps onboard a new employee.

3. Targeted Advertising

If you want to get your job openings in front of the right people, pay for advertising that will place your open positions in front of a target audience. It isn’t enough to simply share your openings as a post or pay for a traditional listing (though still do that). Target the right user’s newsfeed. Do you have a family friendly organization and are looking to hire a bookkeeper? You can set your ads to target parents of children who pay attention to finances or who “like” a certain accounting company’s profile.

4. Messenger Bots

Looking for a way to communicate with candidates interested in your jobs but overwhelmed at the idea of messaging everyone online? An artificial intelligence messaging app can help answer the basic questions for you. Set the bot up to ask interested applicants to answer screening questions before the next step in applying. The bot will then share your application with anyone qualified for the job.

5. Scheduling Apps

Ready to interview candidates? Great, allow them to pick the time that works best with their schedule by using scheduling apps such as Acuity or Calendly. Set the days and times you’re available for a call, as well as the length of the appointment. Any candidates with the link to that section of your calendar can choose their interview time. This allows you to batch all interviews or simply schedule them in a way that best accommodates your small business.

Social media recruitment allows you to share your open positions with a much wider audience, and often for less money than traditional advertisements. Make your next job opportunity available in your social networks first.

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