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Valentine’s Day at Work: 5 Ways to Celebrate With Colleagues

  • This year, skip the candy hearts and boxes of chocolate and opt for healthy snacks or a heart-healthy lunch instead

  • Promote a Valentine's Day theme around the office and allow staff to dress down for the workday

  • Consider planning a wellness day for the holiday that focuses on cardiovascular health

Posted by February 11, 2019

‘Tis the season for your organization to show employees how valued they are and how much their efforts are appreciated. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at work is the perfect way to thank staff and have a little fun at the same time.

Searching for creative opportunities to mark the observance in your office? Here are five unique ways to demonstrate the company’s gratitude this February 14.

1. Provide Healthy Snacks

This year, skip the candy hearts and boxes of chocolate and instead opt for healthy snacks that will fuel your colleagues throughout the day. Depending on what you choose, you can either leave a treat on each employee’s workstation — to surprise them when they show up for work in the morning — or place them in the break room for everyone to enjoy as they pass through. These healthy snacks can include a nut-heavy trail mix or a fruit platter (filled with lots of pink and red fruit, of course). Both are great choices for a large group.

2. Offer a Dress-Down Day

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work while also showing appreciation to team members? Let them dress down for the day! If the organization requires employees to wear a uniform or dress in business-attire, consider bending the rules a bit, so they can come to work in casual clothing on February 14. If casual attire is already allowed on a regular basis, you could always pick a theme, such as red clothing or another Valentine-related pattern like hearts.

3. Create a Gratitude Wall

For this Valentine’s Day, consider putting your gratitude on display—and encourage your fellow employees to do the same. Lead the charge by cutting out heart-shaped pieces of construction paper and writing one reason you appreciate an employee on each. If you choose to do this, try to make one for each person.

When you’re done, post the hearts on a wall so the entire staff can see. If any customers come into the office, the hearts should be visible to them, too. If you work at a small business, encourage your colleagues to write a note of gratitude for each coworker and paste it on the wall. If your organization employs a number of individuals, consider requesting that each employee complete just one heart and hang it where it can be seen by all.

4. Plan a Staff Luncheon or Pot Luck

In addition to money, employees are typically motivated by food. They also love to try new things and show off their favorite recipes. With this in mind, set aside some time for an employee meal if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work.

You can choose to have the event catered or invite each employee to bring in a themed dish to share with the group. If your organization has an oven, a fun activity would be holding a cooking competition where the best mini heart-shaped pizza or cookie wins a big prize. It might even become an annual tradition!

5. Focus on Heart Health

February is American Heart Month, so consider making a focus of your office Valentine’s Day observance about promoting cardiovascular wellness. You could start the day with some team cardio, like a short walk around the building. Then, you could offer heart-healthy snacks throughout the day. Want to go the extra mile? Put in a request to get someone from the American Heart Association (or another heart-healthy group) to lead a seminar for staff members on the importance of taking care of one of the most important organs in their bodies.

Finally, it’s important to take the opportunity to say “thank you” to your colleagues in person. If possible, get some face-time with each team member so they know you’re genuinely appreciative for their work. If you aren’t able to talk to everyone, try to make sure you’ve at least communicated with everyone—whether you’re using an instant messaging service, sending an email or putting a handwritten sticky note on their desk.

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