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Work and Family: Creating a Supportive Office Culture

  • October is National Work and Family Month
  • Studies show workers are more productive and loyal when they have time with family
  • Flexible schedules, child care options, paid family leave and family events can establish a family-oriented business
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Posted by October 23, 2017

October is National Work and Family Month. As a business owner, here’s something to think about: the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 89.7 percent of American families with children have at least one parent who is employed.

Providing family support for your workers can ensure a brighter, more productive work environment. In fact, studies show that workers who enjoy quality time with their family are more productive at work and tend to hold more loyalty. Here are a few ways you can create a family-oriented work culture.

Flexible Schedules

Many workers are concerned about balancing work and family. The Council of Economic Advisers discovered that approximately a third of employees have turned down a job because it conflicted with their family responsibilities. A way to combat this concern is by providing flexible work schedules for your employees. By doing so, your workers won’t have to worry about picking up their child from school or missing out on seeing their parents before they leave town.

Flexible schedules can include work from home options, altering hours, allowing workers to leave the office early and more. Understanding employees’ desires (and their family obligations) can help you recruit and retain strong employees.

Child Care

Another way to foster a family-focused office environment is to think about child care. You can provide aid for workers with children in a number of ways. For example, consider creating an on-site daycare facility for workers to bring their children to. Including child care as a part of a worker’s benefits is another option. If nothing else, simply providing information and materials on child care options can help working parents.

Paid Family Leave

Not many companies in the United States provide paid leave for family-related reasons. By providing parental leave for your workers, you can stand out among competing companies.

There are various other ways you can help employees with diverse family needs, like providing medical leave for a worker who needs to care for an ill, disabled or elderly family member. Working for a business that allows employees to take off some time for their family responsibilities—without having to worry about finances—is a relief for many.

Family Events

Being proactive and hosting events for workers and their families is a great way to develop a work culture that’s centered around family. A BBQ outside the office for workers and their loved ones is an effective way to promote a supportive office culture. Extending the invitation to your workers’ family members is a simple, yet beneficial way to establish that your business is interested in family.

You can create a productive office by giving your workers what they want: time with their family.

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